Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now...........For A While, Anyway

Yesterday, I bought four panes of glass and cut all of the pieces for the upper cabinet doors. The next step is to mask them and sandblast the pattern, like I did with the pantry door. I also dragged the new, small, counter up to the house and swapped it with the wavy one. It sits much better. Nice and level. When sealing this one, I applied two coats of the stuff. After it dried, it had an orange peel texture. I grabbed the random orbital sander and went over it with a 320 grit pad. After that, I hit it with 0000 steel wool, some automotive rubbing compound and then a couple of coats of wax. It has a very nice luster without a fake plastic look. I like it. Besides all of this, I had time to paint four cabinet doors that I built for a storage cabinet at our church. Three major things done, no blood spilled......pretty good day, I'd say

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