Friday, August 30, 2013

Looking For Closure

I finished up the last of the cabinet doors. Well, almost. The two doors for the far right side cabinet came out a teensy bit short, due to a measuring error. I hung them and if you didn't look closely, you barely noticed that they were only an eighth of a inch taller than the opening. I mulled it over, in my mind, and told myself it would be OK. I removed all of them to take them back to the shop to spray the finish. As I carried them down the steps, two of them fell and broke. Guess which two? Seven doors and the two shorties bite the dust. Pretty long odds, so two new doors it is. We happened to go to the local OSH store to see what kinds of knobs and pulls they had. The store, near us, is closing and everything was on sale. We picked up some that we liked for a pretty good price Wifey chose them, so I'm sure they're perfect. All of the woodworking, for this project, is done. I will be building a rolltop breadbox, to match the desk that I built earlier but it is not critical to finishing the job.

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J Pedretti said...

Hello JCee,

Well you did it son! And all by your lonesome too. I'll bet wifey is getting stoked too. Ya done good son, ya done good!