Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Facing Reality

A few days ago, I made all of the drawer faces. They are the easiest part of making cabinets. Just cut them to size, rout the profile on the edge and it's a done deal. I've stained them and will spray the finish in a few days. We have to choose knobs or pulls for them pretty soon. There are about 20 drawers and doors in the kitchen and the hardware, that we've looked at, ranges from a few bucks to 12 dollars, each. That's a potential outlay of $250 for pulls. If that's what it takes to get what we want, then we'll just have to spring for them. Overall, it doesn't matter. I suspect that what we will have, when done, is a 15 to 20 thousand dollar remodel. I have not kept track of costs (I wish I had) but far less than that has been spent, to date. Today, I installed the new drawer faces. We may, actually, have a finished kitchen in the very near future. Along with the faces, I cut and routed all of the rails and stiles for the lower cabinet doors today. I should have them assembled by the end of the week. They will have straight tops, rather than the arched tops that the uppers have. I felt it might be too busy looking with all that detail. That plus they're way easier to make. The missing face, under the sink will be a flip out holder for sponges, dishrags, etc. I have to order the tray and hardware for it.

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