Monday, October 10, 2011

Turn, Turn, Turn.

Today, I spent a few hours in front of the lathe, whittling some miscellaneous items. I made two of these little "hats" to cover the swingarm pivot bolts. I have stainless socket head cap screws on order to replace the black oxide ones currently holding the flanged bearings in place. The removal of the handlebar switches left gaps between the grips and the levers, so I whipped up a simple spacer for the clutch (remember those? Real motorcycles have them.) side. The throttle side was a bit more complicated. I still want a kill button, so I made a split collar. I machined a little plastic button and ran a wire to it. A spring from a ball point pen completes the gizmo. I have wired in a relay for the ignition. Turn on the key switch and it sends power to the relay and, in turn, to the distributor. The handlebar button, when depressed. interrupts the ground to the relay and kills the ignition. Simple, huh?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fat Is Where It's At

I always preferred the look of the old style fenders that the early bikes had. I'm, also, not a big fan of the stock, Tupperware, units that Boss Hoss uses. I ordered a genuine, made in China, from American scrap iron, "chopper fender" from an online vendor for a hundred bucks. What a bargain!?!? Of course it was not available in the width required for a real motorcycle, so out came the cutoff tool and I zipped it in half. A four inch strip of sheet metal was clamped between the two halves with these nifty little clamps from Harbor Fright. A few hours of welding, grinding, some judicious pounding with hammer and dolly and, voila, one custom bobbed Boss Hoss fender. A light coat of plastic filler and she'll be good to go. I'll be mounting the plate and tail light under the rear