Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Large And Painful Movement

I managed to get the large counter top into the house and set in place. It was touch and go. At it's smallest dimension, it is, exactly, the width of the patio sliding door. It took about ten tries before I was, finally, able to get it through the door and on the cart, that I built. The cart was knocked together from two by fours and some big, industrial casters that I got in a dumpster diving expedition. There was some damage, I'm afraid. Three small areas splalled out of the edges. I should be able to patch them. Even though I had set the slab on a cradle that was built from wood, there was still enough pressure against the edges that they popped when I lifted it. Another lesson learned. Next time I'll be sure to have it supported, at least, an inch , or so, in from the edges. In all, it came out OK. A bit of repair and some re polishing and everything will be hunky dory. Tomorrow, we should have all but two of the lower doors installed.

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