Monday, July 29, 2013

Flippin', Not Trippin"

The second part of the puzzle was pulled from the forms the other day. It took a bit of doing to flip it over, but with the, now repaired, engine hoist it was pretty easy. I spent two or three hours yesterday, grinding and polishing it. It did have a groove where the two pieces of Melamine board were joined. I figured that the clear, packing tape would make a seamless joint but, somehow, I think moisture got into the particle board core and the edges swelled a bit. Fortunately, I was able to grind them away and there is no trace of them now. I still have to finish the edges. The curved portion, where the sink goes, may be problematic. We'll see tomorrow. I have thought about how I will install it. In keeping with my, "I don't need any stinking help." attitude, I think I can build a cart that is just a little higher than the cabinets, roll it into the kitchen and slide it in place. Time will tell.

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