Friday, May 10, 2013

Entering Into The Black Hole

If you have a corner cabinet in your kitchen, then you know what a waste of space they are. Things get shoved back into the dark recess and are lost until you move or die. There are bifold doors and Lazy Susan contraptions that address the problem, to a degree. The Lazy Susan offers nothing in the way of utilizing the available space and stuff falls off of them and is swallowed up by the darkness. Our existing cabinet is even worse, since the access door is very narrow and you can't even see the back without a flashlight and a mirror. I finished this cabinet today. In the normal position, when you open the (future) door, there are two shelves that pull out. When fully extended, the assembly slides to the right, exposing a second set of shelves that are hiding in the, former, unreachable area. The skinny cabinet, that will be left, next to the under sink area will be used as an appliance garage for the toaster and coffee maker. I also added a slot for a breadboard. For those having trouble following this, the cabinet goes to the right of the range, where the dishwasher is now.

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