Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Old Sour Puss

Wifey and I were at the produce market last week and we noticed that pickling cucumbers were on sale. I thought, why not try to make some kosher dills? How hard could it be? So, after some web surfing I came up with a recipe that looked easy and didn't require a bunch of oddball stuff. I made up a brine solution with salt, vinegar, various spices and, of course, some dill. The whole deal took about an hour. Afterwards, they have to sit for 4 days, or so, until they are ready. Yesterday I felt it was time to give one the ol' taste test. I think they are the best pickles that I have ever tasted. Nice and sour, but not too much. Nice dill flavor and, since I added some hot peppers to the brine, they have a little kick to them. Not much, but enough to let you know that there's something special going on. I will not be buying store bought pickles again. These are too easy and too good to give Vlasic any more of my dough

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OrionTheDrummer said...

Pardon me, sir... But is this the same Carl La Fong that voiced the "Turtle" in ¡Three Amigos! ?

If so... I have a story for you.