Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Bad Case Of The Cramps

After I installed the temporary dining counter a few months ago, it became obvious that it intruded too far into the family room. It just felt and looked cramped. So, with hammer in hand, I ripped out the drywall and moved the steel support assembly over, into the kitchen two feet. We lost some cabinet space, but there is still plenty for our needs. The kitchen area was quite large to begin with and now, it seems small but it is, probably, still larger than the average home has. Though it doesn't look like it in the photos, there is about eighteen inches of space between the three drawers in the old cabinet and the edge of the counter. The drawers will be moved over to the left and the dishwasher will go in their place. The permanent counter will be eight inches narrower than the wooden one and, maybe, eight inches longer. Things are moving along quite well now. I think we have our final configuration nailed down. Two more cabinets to build and we'll be ready for counter tops. What will it be? Granite? Tile? Formica? Marble? Stay tuned.

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