Thursday, May 23, 2013

Point Of No Return

Actually, I think I passed that point a while back, but today was the big, final demolition of the project. I tore out the remainder of the old counters and cabinets. We now are sinkless and woefully lacking in horizontal surfaces. I'm already feeling the inconvenience of having no kitchen plumbing. Tomorrow I will try to rig up the new sink and some sort of makeshift counter to tide us over. Wifey decided she didn't want anything protruding up from the counter, so we are going with a wall mount faucet. According to her, icky stuff gets under all those fittings. I had to do some minor re piping since we had a deck mount faucet previously. After this project is done, I will be putting an outdoor sink and counter on the patio, that backs up to the kitchen. I ran hot and cold stubs through the wall and will also run a waste line tomorrow. The vacuum breaker for the dishwasher will go on the outside sink so the inside counter will be smooth and easy to wipe down

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