Friday, May 24, 2013

Backed Myself Into A Corner

Today I finished the plumbing, for now. There will be some minor work to be done, once I have the new faucet. I decided it was time to drag the last of the cabinets up for a test fit. Voila....they fit. I have to take them back down to the shop to add a few more structural pieces and to apply the finish, but all systems are go. The small opening on the right side, under the sink, is how we used to access the stuff in the corner cabinet. Very poor design, which is why I moved the dishwasher and designed the pull out/sliding shelf cabinet that is shown in the "Black Hole" post. Much better. There is still one, small, cabinet that goes to the left of the dishwasher. I'll knock that out in a few hours. After that, It'll be drywall time, Yaaay, just love all that dust.

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