Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time To Put A Lid On Things

I finished the last cabinet today. There are still doors and drawer faces to be made. I cut all of the pieces for the upper doors today and will be assembling them tomorrow. Then I'll do the lowers and the drawer faces. The next phase will be the counter tops. These will be made of concrete. There are two reasons why I chose that over all of the other materials in common use. First, of course, is cost. Other than Formica, it is about the least expensive choice, much less than granite or marble. Since I will be pouring and finishing it myself, there is no labor cost. The other reason is appearance. When ground, polished and sealed it is every bit as pretty as stone. Since this is a little out of the ordinary, I will be taking quite a few pictures, as well as a video or two to document the experiment. I started the ball rolling by ordering the concrete pigment today.

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