Sunday, October 25, 2015

Taking Wings

Another sore point in our trailer is the lack of counter space in the kitchen area. There is barely enough room to make a sandwich on the existing counter. I had a good sized hunk of matching counter top left over from the outdoor kitchen. I cut it down, rounded the corners and attached it with another length of piano hinge. I made up a sliding brace with a knob to lock it in position. We now have a very useable counter where we can prepare food, stack dishes before we wash them, etc. I still had the original pull out counter from the outside kitchen, so I made an extension for the dinette table. We have found that with the coffee maker and the toaster on the table, room for our table settings and pots pans and bowls was very tight. The new wing will give us all the room we need and easily slides out of the way when not in use.Excuse the dust and the lack of edge molding. They will be addressed, later

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