Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stepping Up

While working on the trailer, I realized that there is a good sized void under the steps that lead to the bedroom. After removing the treads. I wondered what I could do with the extra space. I always pack a toolbox whenever we venture out. I toss it in the bed of the truck. So far, nobody has ripped me off. Rather than temping fate any longer, I whipped up a tool tote that fits into the space under the first step. Safe and secure yet easy to get to. The area under the second step is empty, right now, but I'm sure we will find a use for it. The treads were originally screwed down. I made some metal clips that they slide under to keep them from flipping up if we step too close to the nose of the step. I don't know why the RV manufacturers don't make use of this wasted storage space.Perhaps it takes the visionary talents of a Boy Genius™.

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