Monday, October 19, 2015

Now We're Cookin'

One of the things that sold me on our new trailer was the outdoor kitchen. I claimed it as my traveling Man Cave. There were a few things that didn't suit me, however. The little dorm fridge was fastened to the counter with a couple of cheesy brackets, screwed into the counter. On our first trip out, they pulled out of the counter. I drilled holes and bolted it in securely. This left two, gnarly, torn out holes in the Formica. I decided to replace the entire top. Much better. During the installation, I noticed a large void between the sink and the front of the cabinetry. I built a little cubby to hold odds and ends. I will make a flip down door for it as soon as I get some wood to match the drawer that I had previously added for utensils. I also put up a wire basket next to the microwave. There is a pull out counter that extends about 18 inches. It is very handy. After looking at it, I realized that I could add a folding wing and end up with a, nearly, three foot long working area. It will really make food prep much easier. I will make a prop that braces it back to the trailer frame so it will support my cast iron Dutch ovens. Lastly, The light inside the galley provides little in the way of illumination, so I installed a light on the inside of the door. Perfect. I can see much better now. While I was in the mood, I installed some FRP panels around the inside stove top. It will make cleanup much easier. The wallpaper and wood paneling wouldn't last long after cleaning off grease splatter a few times so this will make Wifey happy. Her ultimate goal is to never use the stove top for anything other than boiling water

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