Monday, October 19, 2015

Bringing Up The Rear

In my further efforts to make our trailer more suited to our needs, I attacked the rear end. As with most newer RVs, ours has an outdoor shower. Now, I typically eschew outdoor bathing but I have found that the shower is very handy for washing my dutch ovens and other large items. The bumper provided a small, wobbly spot to set the pots while I tried to clean them. So, I got to work and made up this shelf to serve as a wash station. I used some one inch by 1/8 steel angle iron, some expanded mesh and some 10 gauge sheet for the legs. I welded two brackets to the bumper to bolt it to. I sent it out to be powder coated in a gray color to match the trailer paint scheme. We bought a Honda generator to power us up when we are away from shore power. I stored it in the compartment under the bedroom. After lifting it in and out a number of times, I realized that it was a giant pain. Also, the chances of me wrenching my back, at some point, were almost 100%. I built this box to house it while we travel. It was made from the same materials as the wash station. I made up a 3/4 inch steel bar that passes through the handle of the generator and is secured with a padlock to ward off thieves. It was bolted to the bumper in the same fashion as the shelf. The bolts were tacked with weld so they can't be unscrewed by the less honest who live among us. It was, also, powder coated.

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