Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Wrong Way

I have been focusing on the lathe for the past few days. I have finished all of the fabrication. I stained the oak pieces and sprayed them with 3 or 4 coats of clear. It really is starting to look nice. Too nice. At the beginning, I doubted the wooden ways. I felt that as I slid the tail stock back and forth, the finish would get ruined. I know it is a machine and a tool, but I still want it to look nice. I went to the metal supply and bought some 1/8 X 2 inch cold rolled flat steel. After cutting two pieces to length, I drilled and countersunk a series of holes in them. I screwed them to the ways with flat head screws. Two short pieces were also prepared in the same manner and screwed to the underside of the tail stock. That portion had to be cut down 1/4 inch to make up for the steel ways. It slides very nicely now and the centers are in almost perfect alignment. I think it gives the lathe a more professional look and my finish is protected from scuffs and scratches. Just a few more loose ends to attend to and it will be done

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