Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pick Up Yer Room, Kid

An old friend asked if I could use a roll away box and top chest as he is paring down. I, on the other hand am a tool junkie, so the answer was, "Of course." What I ended up with is a generic lower with two drawers and a large bin and an old Snap-On, five drawer, machinists chest. I already have a roll away with an intermediate and a top chest for my mechanics tools. I wanted to better organize some of my woodworking tools. Once I got it home, I lined all of the drawers with rubber liner. I put all of my planes on top and most of the oft used tools in the drawers. I am not very organized and many of my tools have no home so they lie about wherever I used them last. Hopefully I can break some old, bad habits and put things away when I'm done with them. One can only hope.

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