Thursday, May 24, 2012

Your Milage May Vary

The poor running has gotten worse. The bike blows out clouds of black, gagging, acrid smoke, will barely run, will not idle at all and there is gas leaking around the front of the carb. Time to yank it off and have a look see. To me, carburetors are black magic and one must swear a holy oath to Satan in order to understand their intricacies. So, with a crucifix, some wolfbane and a tub of holy water at my side, I will jump in with both feet. After dis assembling the carb two or three times, the bike is running a bit better, but still not well enough to ride with any degree of confidence. The idle quality is pretty poor, though it runs well above idle. I'm sure it is a minor glitch. Fuel pressure is good, 5-6 pounds. The bike ran perfectly when I tore it down. Tomorrow, when I'm in town, I'll pick up a book on rebuilding and modifying Rochester carburetors and see if I can figure things out.

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