Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tomorrow Never Comes

Well, tomorrow did come, but not without some drama. I suffer from atrial fibrillation. It hits every now and then and when it does, I'm not much good for anything except laying on the couch and watching daytime courtroom drama, Jerry and Maury. I woke up this morning and knew it would be a pretty fruitless day. By noontime, I was feeling pretty good, which is uncommon, as it usually wipes me out for the entire day. Cool, time for a ride. Down to the shop, hook up my shiny new timing light and set the ignition. It settled down into that lumpy idle that really made the day a little brighter. I top off the radiator with water, I'll add coolant later. Cool, time for a ride. I see a pool starting to form under the bike. Yup, water. Lessee, oil, gas, water, gear oil and brake fluid. Three out of five fluids decide to leak. It's coming from the outlet neck. Off it comes. It has an O ring and it seems fine. I clean everything up, cut out a gasket, slap on some more RTV, button it back up and pour the water back in. Fired it up and everything stays nice and dry. I decide the radiator needs some new pads to sit on, so it's off to the BORG for some of those self adhesive rubber pads that go on the bottoms of furniture legs. By the time I get home and get everything done to my satisfaction, it's kinda late, I'm tired and there's leftover sausage and peppers from last night. In the epic battle of Food vs. Motorcycle, food wins.

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