Thursday, May 10, 2012

Road Test Report

After fixing, yet another, leak, this time the fitting that screws into the reserve tank, it was finally time for a ride. The brakes are still a bit spongy and the engine runs pretty lousy. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I had noticed a pretty bad misfire the last time I rode it. It did not heal itself during the time it was torn down. Could be fuel delivery, could be ignition. I suspect a vacuum leak, since it pops, quite a bit, through the exhaust on deceleration. I'll have to delve into it next week, since I'll be away from the house until Monday. Aside from the two problems, everything else seemed fine. The clutch and transmission work flawlessly. The belt tracks right down the center of both pulleys. All of the electrics work as they should. Nothing fell or flew off except my BH cap, which I retrieved on the way back home. It's too bad that Boss Hoss didn't explore the Ranger transmission. Once sorted out, it really is a splendid unit. The lack of a reverse gear is problematic for those used to the two speed Nesco. I will admit that I wish I had a way to back up rather than using my, increasingly, worn out knees. Note to self; When parking, choose wisely.

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