Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nature Abhores a Vacuum

I ordered a cheepo vacuum gauge from Ebay and it arrived yesterday. Hooked it up and I'm pulling about 25 hg at idle. Cool! I then went to my toolbox to put it away and layed it carefully atop my old vacuum gauge.....DOH!!!!! I sorta forgot that I already had one. I'll tell ya, old age ain't pretty and it ain't for sissies, either.

Several people have told me that I need a vacuum storage cannister. I looked around the shop for something to make it out of and spotted an old oil filter. I zipped off the top with a die grinder and soldered in a disc with a hole for the GM one way valve and grommet. I then soldered in a barb fitting for the hose going to the booster and, Voila, one Po' Boy freebee cannister. It's not as large as was recommended, but I think it'll be OK.

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