Saturday, November 8, 2008

Switch Panel

One of the big fears among BH riders is the frame breaking at the juncture of the rear down tubes. There is quite a distance between that point and the shock mounts. It is, certainly, not the best engineering. I figured that I might as well install gussets in that area while the bike is down. While cutting cardboard templates and trying to determine what size and shape to make them, I thought, "Why not make them large and use one of then as a switch panel." So I did. Now the left side cover will come off easily since it is no longer "wired" to the bike.
I also took some time to clean up the wiring a bit. There were still a few bad splices hiding under large wads of electrical tape. Some solder and shrink tubing did the trick. I tucked all the wiring up and as far foreward as it would go and now I have a nice shoebox sized area ahead of the battery to add a toolbox. I'll make a mockup from cardboard and then do some tin knockin'. I wish I had a sheetmetal brake, but a coupla pieces of angle iron clamped in the vise will do.

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