Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Consistant Inconsistancies

Well, today I went out for a short test ride. The clutch just won't work consistantly and it won't disengage enough to shift without clashing the gears. does work, just not as well as I want, soooooooo, I blew it apart again. I need to try a different pressure plate. I put a 12" Crescent wrench on the end of the throwout arm and it took all that I had to pull the clutch. Doesn't seem right to me. I have another pressure plate that I will stick in tomorrow. Fortunately, the mods that I made to the frame allow me to remove the trans and bellhousing without splitting the frame. I can have the clutch exposed in about 30 minutes, so it isn't a huge PITA. I never expected it to work the first time anyway. I've gotten some good advise from several people, so I hope to get it right on the next try. If it takes 5 or 10 more trys, so be it.

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keith said...

I used a pressure plate from a dodge mini van it is a bell&brock with 6 springs and is 10". I used a harley mouse trap and a ford throw out arm ..i do not have the bike on the road but it pulls easy i am not using any vacuum..hope this helps i might be able to send you some pictures if you want to e-mail me at Keith