Monday, August 31, 2015

You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me, Loose Wheel

Lady LaFong and I decided that it was time to get out on the road for a month. After a few days with old friends in Northern California, we headed north into Oregon. Stopping at the first big town, Medford, Oregon, we decided to stop and pick up a few items at the big box supermarket. Upon pulling out of our parking spot, I heard a minor thump. Looking out the window, I was greeted with the sight of a wheel passing me by. I hopped out to find that one of the wheels on our, nearly new, fifth wheel trailer had said, "Buh Bye" to the axle. The hub, brake assembly, bearings and the axle were ground into a fine red rusty powder. The trailer has, perhaps, 2-2500 miles on it. We limped on three wheels to Grant's Pass, where I have family. After setting up in a small RV park, I contacted the manufacturer. They referred me to the axle manufacturer. As it stands, at this point,we are waiting for a new axle to arrive from Elkhart, Indiana in a week. Installation will be my responsibility. I can deal with that. I have tools, help and a place to work. It isn't an especially difficult task. Eight nuts and four wires and we'll be good to go................I hope. I checked the other three wheels and they all seemed good and full of grease. I pumped in some additional lube just to be sure. The bad axle had no signs of any grease whatsoever. I really think it was never lubed at the factory. Live and learn, I suppose. The only upside is, that it happened at 3 mph rather than on the highway where it might have been a bit more spectacular. Also, Grant's Pass is a better spot to break down than Barstow, Lodi, Compton or Stockton

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