Monday, August 10, 2015

All Work And No Play Makes Carl A Dull Boy

I have accumulated quite a collection of dull cutting tools. My attempts to sharpen them have been less than stellar. It requires a steady hand to maintain the proper angle on chisels and plane irons. After a search, online, for some sort of jig, I found one that seemed decent. I did have to purchase the plans to build it but they were only a few bucks. I made it from scrap lying about the shop, in a couple of hours. It is adjustable for setting the angle of the bevel and it is no problem to add a few degrees after the initial sharpening to put a micro bevel on the end. I sharpened three of my planes and three or four chisels. It took a while because they were all very dull, nicked and poorly sharpened, previously. They all turned out quite sharp. The planes will now take off very thin shavings and the chisels will pare the end grain of oak and maple very cleanly. Another cheap and easy fix for an ongoing problem of mine.

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