Monday, June 8, 2015

Jose's Casita

We're getting ready for a rod trip very soon. We will hook up the trailer an head north, for a while. I have to visit some family in Oregon that I haven't seen in years. Then we will just wander for 3 or 4 weeks. Since I do most (all) of the cooking on these adventures, I decided that I need a spice cabinet of my own. First, I ordered 15 little Mason Jars from Amazon. They turned out to be perfect for what I envisioned. I laid them out and began to figure out how to arrange them. Five rows of three jars worked best. I assembled a box from some left over oak in the scrap bin. I finger jointed the corners and rabbeted in the front and back panels. The shelves are Masonite with oak faces. While I was feeling creative, I whittled out a spoon from some mahogany, made another bottle opener from some unknown hardwood and stuck them and the knife, that I made in an earlier post, in the lid. I applied a picture to the outside of the lid, the same way as I did with the ukulele case. While all of this was going on, I felt that my friend, Jose Cuervo, needed a place to live. What could be more suitable than with all the spices? Cooking is hard work and, sometimes, a little poquito of Jose helps you to relax and free up the creative juices. Tequila Sunrise for breakfast and a Margarita in the evening. Yeah!!

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Hossman said...

Carl, I am known as Hoss. I am from Suracuse, NY. I am a Boss Hoss rider for 13 years now. 98 clutch bike.
A friend of mine, John has also done a Ranger conversion. I believe he is in Noethern California. I forget his last name, but I think it is something like Montissori?

Do you know him. I think he has mentioned you in conversation. The problem is that I have lost my address book and cannot find his phone number. I am hoping you can help.