Monday, March 16, 2015

Time Marches On

Prior to mounting the TV to the fireplace, there was a large clock, that was a gift from my dear, departed brother, Jeff LaFong, 30 years ago. Now, with it being taken down, we always have to check our phones or computer to see what time it is. I saw something that another woodworker had done and I thought that I could improve upon his idea. Down to the shop I goes. It only took about three or four hours to whip up this little clock that we can put on the end table. The bezel and buckle are maple, the straps are walnut and the base is red oak, all from the scrap bin. A few coats of semi gloss and pop in a little quartz clock works and it's done. Wifey thinks it's cute. I have to agree, though Boy Geniuses™ and manly men, such as I, don't generally do "Cute". Still, It came out pretty cool.

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