Wednesday, March 11, 2015

One Thing Always Leads To Another

The mantle and TV mount are, essentially, done. I still have to clean up the wiring a bit and make the top, which will be a simple flat board, maybe with an edge detail to dress it up. Now, I have to consider where to put the components and our DVD collection. I am leaning towards a cabinet, to the left of the fireplace that mirrors the book shelf on the right. The lower 24 inches, or so, will have the DVD storage and a cubby above that for the components. The rest will be a curio cabinet with glass on three sides and a mirror on the fireplace side. It should balance out the whole area and allow us to drag out a lot of the knick knacks that are stuck away in the attic and closets and display them. Until then, I have a bedroom that I have to patch and paint so Wifey can take it over as her chick cave

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