Friday, February 27, 2015

Mantle, The Continuing Saga

I, pretty much, finished the mantle today. It turned out to be a pretty simple deal. Though it appears ornate and complicated it is just oak veneer plywood, some store bought crown molding and some trim that I cut on the router table. The fact that I have accumulated a number of tools over the years made it much simpler. The pocket hole jig, a tool that every wood worker needs, a brad gun, a micro pin gun and a good selection of clamps made it a breeze. I still have to make the top, but all that will be is a flat slab of oak. I still have final detailing, sanding, staining and clear finish before I can install it. The off color parts are from a tabletop that I made a few years ago, but was not happy with. There was just enough to make the 12 pieces that I needed for the column bases and tops. I also have to engineer a TV mount, but I think that should be fairly easy

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