Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cutting Edge Stuff

I was feeling artistic and creative the other day, so I went down to the shop to make some sort of small project. I decided to try to make a knife. I grabbed an old circular saw blade and a Magic Marker. I sketched out what looked good to my eye on the blade. With an angle grinder, I cut out the blank. I refined the shape with the bench grinder and a die grinder, with a stone in it. Once I had the profile that I was looking for, I ground the bevel for the edge. I used a piece of 2X4, cut to a 5 degree angle, as a jig. I clamped the blank to the 2X4 and ground both sides, with a disc sander, until I had a fairly sharp edge. Once everything was ground, I worked out the scratches with emery cloth and sand paper. Using the torch, I heated the blank to a cherry red color and quenched it in salad oil. Then I stuck it in the oven, at 400 degrees for an hour, to temper it. Back in the shop, I cut some unknown hardwood for the scales (handles). The stuff is as hard as a rock, whatever it is. I epoxied them on, with some stainless rods added for extra strength and looks. I sanded it smooth and rounded all the edges. A few coats of Danish oil on the scales and it's a done deal. It's my first attempt at a knife and I'm quite pleased.

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