Saturday, December 27, 2014

Weighty Issues

I expected thee holidays to be disastrous to my weight loss program. In a way, it was. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I picked up eight pounds. Yow!! Since then, there have been three Christmas meals. With a bit of effort, my net gain is right at four pounds. Not bad. I can loose that in a week, or so. We have one more meal to deal with, the New Years feeding frenzy at my sister-in-laws house. As long as I can avoid the sweets and carbs, I should be OK. I've come to not beat myself up when I fall off of the wagon. Just get back with the program and the weight will fall off. I've yet to hit the magical 199 pound goal. Missed it by one pound, a month ago. Since I am returning to a normal eating routine, I expect to hit the mark in a month

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