Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fat Is Where It's At

I always preferred the look of the old style fenders that the early bikes had. I'm, also, not a big fan of the stock, Tupperware, units that Boss Hoss uses. I ordered a genuine, made in China, from American scrap iron, "chopper fender" from an online vendor for a hundred bucks. What a bargain!?!? Of course it was not available in the width required for a real motorcycle, so out came the cutoff tool and I zipped it in half. A four inch strip of sheet metal was clamped between the two halves with these nifty little clamps from Harbor Fright. A few hours of welding, grinding, some judicious pounding with hammer and dolly and, voila, one custom bobbed Boss Hoss fender. A light coat of plastic filler and she'll be good to go. I'll be mounting the plate and tail light under the rear

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