Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

It's time to address the wiring on my bike. The original harness looked as if it was made by a black widow spider on LSD. Additionally, it had been violated, repeatedly, by person or persons unknown who did not own a soldering iron, an assortment of crimp connectors or the crimping pliers. He (they) did, however, have an unlimited supply of electrical tape. I removed the entire harness and set it in front of me and went at it with knife and wire cutters. All I was left with was a few connectors and some lengths of wire. The factory wires with the application printed on them will, more than likely, be reused. Many of them will hit the trash can. There are no more electric pumps or tank valve so those circuits are no longer needed. The, mysterious, master relay will also disappear. I don't, quite, understand its function. I have wired a few cars and bikes over the years and none of them had a master relay. Another thing that will cut the number of wires to a minimum is the Grip Ace system that I bought. The blinker, starter, high/low, and horn are all controlled by a touchpad that fits into the left grip. There are two, small wires that pull through the bars and connect to a module that controls all of the, previously mentioned, functions. All of the, sometimes, troublesome and bulky looking handlebar switches will go into the Big Box O' Unused, Unwanted and Unnecessary Parts. Simplification does have it's cost. I had to add a few relays that BH didn't originally us. I still have the fan and horn relays, but there are new ones for the lights, start circuit and the ignition. The new harness, when completed may be sent out and covered with, old style, cloth braiding. I have a local outfit that we used to use for our Austin Healey harnesses. Fortunately, for me, they're still in business. I do not like taped harnesses or the corrugated, split plastic loom tubing that most people use. Just too cheezy and off the shelf looking. The braided loom will look really nice next to the fuel lines. Most people will never see it. Those that do will, probably, not notice anything special but that's OK. I and other detail oriented folks will see the difference. Sorta like a secret handshake.


J Pedretti said...

Ah ha, the old secret hand shake, badda boom.

J Pedretti said...

Coorsmen forever!