Monday, January 17, 2011

More Fuelishness

I have decided to remove the electric fuel pump from my bike and run a Race Pumps, piston style, pump. It will provide all of the fuel that I could ever ask for. It is not a cheap setup. The pump and regulator (you have to run theirs) run about 250 bucks. It is not a quick bolt on. A dimple needs to be made in the frame tube to allow the pump to fit. To make things even worse, I am re plumbing the whole system with black anodized AN fittings and black braided hose. I do not care for the looks of the braided stainless and the red and blue fittings that many choose to run. Too flashy for me. I know all of this seems to be overkill, but it looks so cool. I know of, at least, two BHs that have burned due to leaky fuel lines. I have never been a fan of worm clamps and auto part store rubber fuel line. The lines, that I put on during the Ranger swap, have already begun to get hard and show signs of aging.
Pix show the finished lines and pump. The AN fittings required a bit of finesse to install. The finish is quite fragile and ordinary wrenches will scar them. There are assembly tools available, but they are costly. I simply used a heavy piece of leather from an old belt and clamped the fitting in the vise. Using another hunk of leather i used a Visegrip to assemble the fitting to the hose. It sounds a bit brutal, but the fitting were scratch free after assembly.

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