Saturday, February 27, 2010

The first pic is the pump, installed and ready to go minus the fan belt. I ordered one from Grainger and need to go pick it up Monday. I filled the system with water and there are no leaks so far. We'll see later on when it's pressurized. All the water in the pic is from my sloppy filling job with a funnel and a coffee can. I'll paint the copper fittings flat black so they "go away" visually. I also installed a petcock at the bottom of the pump to allow easy drainage of the cooling system. Eagle eyed viewers will note that the pic in the previous post shows a chrome 90 degree fitting where the petcock is. I found that when I installed the pump. I had miscalculated and the fitting sat too low. I solved that minor problem by drilling and tapping 3/4" NPT threads on the side of the bump, above the hole on the bottom and used that as the inlet. Not exactly as planned, but at least I didn't have to scrap another pump housing. The light is hanging loose right now because I needed to remove it to install the radiator. The other pic is of the Masonite mounting bracket template/pattern.

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