Friday, April 20, 2018

Howdy Y'all

, A bit over a year ago, we helped our oldest grand daughter move to Waco Texas. We were taken by the whole area, the people and the entire Texas experience. Last month, we made a return trip to visit and "look around" at some houses. We ended up buying a home in Valley Mills, population 1202, about 20 miles outside of Waco. It is located in the country among cattle ranches and other agrarian activities. We have 5.25 acres, a bit more than twice what we have here in SoCal. The house is smaller with two bedrooms and one bath. It is plenty to satisfy our needs. There is a good sized bonus room, which will be Wifey's new sewing room, so we will still have an extra bedroom, for an occasional guest. There is a good sized steel shop building for all of my tomfoolery as well as three large carports and a number of smaller storage buildings for stashing all of my treasures (junk). The previous owner is a fencing contractor, so the property is very nicely fenced and cross fenced for animals, etc. I think we will like it here. Actually, we have little choice. Once you leave California, there is little chance of returning due to crazy prices, taxes and so on. Texas will be a good place to live out the time that I have remaining.

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Tad Callin said...

Looks like a sweet setup!