Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Making a Big Splash

The transmission is back together but lousy weather has kept me out of the shop. With no automotive adventures to occupy my time, I decided it was time to readdress the kitchen remodel. We found some tile that looked nice and matched the decor. I ordered an amount that was sufficient to cover the back splash area. Also, I ordered a pot filler faucet to put above the stove. They have become a must have in new kitchens. In order to install it, I had to crawl into the attic, again. It was really simple. I cut into an existing cold line, that runs to the refrigerator, and dropped a line straight down to the range. A bit of drywall patching and it was ready for tile. Of course, I miss measured and there isn't enough tile to finish the job. So, off to Lowes to get some more. It is a non stocking item so we have to wait 4 or 5 days for it to show up. I the meantime, I grouted the tile that I was able to install. I have some fancy, brushed nickle, wall plates on order for the switches and outlets. So far, it's lookin' pretty good

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Gordon Riddell said...

Hi John,

Just thought I'd look in to your blog.

That is a good looking range area! I love the pot filling faucet, a great feature, especially in a big kitchen. You certainly keep yourself busy between the house/RVing/the cars and of course the BH.

I've just finished our kitchen but it pales into significance as it's an IKEA full set so it was just measuring very precisely over and over again before building, bolting it together and fettling (3mm play across the whole kitchen width) - I wasn't going to splash out $4,000 on fitting guys so did it myself.

Keep up the good work and good health (keep taking the beta-blockers!