Friday, April 1, 2016

Error Begats Error

Some would call it a comedy of errors. I prefer tragedy. I seems all of my, carefully diagnosed problems were misdiagnosed. I did not need a new cam. I did not need a new fuel pump push rod. So far, it would appear that it was, after all, a fuel pump failure. I sent off for a kit to rebuild it. I contacted the manufacturer and the inventor of the pump. He said I need to run an idle bleed line. This is a line that runs from the regulator to the tank. A return line. My tank has just one fitting, the outlet. He told me it has to be plumbed so that the gas enters the top of the tank. Fine for a car, bad for a bike. I thought about running a tube up through the bottom of the tank that almost touched the inside, top of the tank. I later felt that it would be awkward to get at and would negate the quick release tank setup that I showed in an earlier post. I finally thought, why not just drill a hole in the top of the tank and solder in a bung to accept the return line. It would be right there in front of God and everyone else to see. Sort of a form follows function, industrial, racer tech look. Here is how it turned out. of course, the paint suffered, but it's acrylic lacquer so it's an easy fix. I drilled another hole in the top of the neck  and ran the hose through it and down to the regulator, which is just at the juncture of the neck and the front down tubes. I also fabbed up a little plate to hold a rubber grommet to keep the hose from chafing. I like the look. no nonsense and purposeful.

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