Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Framed Again

A friend asked if I could build a couple of picture frames for him. The pictures were a Japanese landscape and zebras at a water hole. The first one, I just milled up some maple into a pleasing (to me) profile for a frame. I mitered it together and cut a piece of glass for it and mounted the picture. I failed to take a picture of it. The other one, I thought I'd get a little fancier and follow the theme of the zebras. I cut some long quarter inch strips of the maple and some walnut and laminated them together. After the glue set up, I cut across the laminations, at one inch increments, and glued them up. This left me with two long, inch by three quarter strips that were dark and light every quarter inch. I then ripped these strips on the band saw to one half by three quarters. I cut the main portion of the frame from some more of the maple to the same profile as the first one. I then glued the strips to the perimeter of the frame. Cut another piece of glass and it's a done deal. I think it came out pretty nice.

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