Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

In every battle, of any magnitude, there are collateral casualties. The same is true of internet arguments. One of the the people who decided to stick his nose into the episode, that lead to my previous post, is a particularly odious nitwit who uses the screen name, "car wash king". Though he seems to be a man of means, since he rides a one hundred thousand dollar motorcycle, he is a moron of Biblical proportions. I do not make this statement lightly. In a series of personal messages, words were exchanged. Cruel and ugly words, from both of us. In his final little love note, he made the following observations about The Boy Genius™. To whit, I am a dumbass, I am a loser and I am a derelict. I will address these individually and in order. Dumbass; The title of this blog says it all. I am a Boy Genius™. This is an irrefutable fact. Now, I will bow down to people like Stephen Hawking or the, seemingly endless, stream of Asian kids, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, Princeton and the like, but I do hold my own in the brainpower category. Loser; Where do I begin? OK, I have been with the same woman since high school. Fifty years. We are very happy. The Fongderosa, which was worth one million dollars, prior to the crash, is fully paid for, as are our vehicles. We have four beautiful granddaughters. The 22 year old is gainfully employed as a teacher. The 13 year old is in an advanced studies program at the charter school that she attends. She actually is a genius and is taking college classes while attending middle school. The 7 year old is also in a special program for advanced students at her school. The 2 year old is as cute as a bug, but kind of a stinker. Terrible twos, I guess. We have a circle of friends and have no discord amongst our family members. I've never been arrested, I don't do drugs or smoke and I drink very, very moderately. We are retired and our income is adequate for our needs. Please do not see all of this as puffery or bragging, just a rebuttal to being tagged as a loser. Derelict; Sorry cwk, but this one escapes me. I have never drank Night Train, Thunderbird or slept in a pool of my own vomit, or anyone else's vomit, for that matter. I have never eaten at the mission, except when we volunteer (BTW, we really do). I have never begged in front of a 7-11. I do not, nor have I ever, owned a shopping cart. I probably could fashion a shelter from cardboard and urine soaked blankets, but have never had the need or the desire. I've never had lice, scabies or any other, filth borne, diseases. My clothing is not second hand and finds it's way to the washing machine as needed. Now, much the same as "Other Guy", car wash king will probably never have his mother read this to him. I don't care. It is just my way of telling anyone, who reads this drivel, that the Boy Genius™ will not be mocked. It is futile for everyone, except for a small percentage of fortunate individuals who reside at the right side of the IQ/wit bell curve.

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