Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Into The Void

I'm supposed to be getting better at this sort of thing. I poured the third piece of the counter last week. Yesterday, I pulled it from the forms. There were a number of, very large, voids, especially at the edges. When I made the pour, I tried vibrating the mix with a palm sander, that I wrapped in plastic. It seemed to work well. The mud moved and flattened out as I pushed the sander in. Maybe I didn't hit the edges well enough to allow the mud to settle into the edges of the form. There is a possibility that I will discard the slab and do it over. In the meantime, I'm going to try to save it. I mixed a slurry of Fixall, sand and pigment and troweled it into the defects. I'm going to grind it today with the wet polisher and see how it looks. The problem, that I think will arise, is the lack of aggregate in the slurry. There might be a noticeable difference in the surface appearance since the patched areas are just sand and pigment. We'll see. I am disappointed, but remain stoic and optimistic. I will finish this job and It will look nice. I know that to be a fact because that's what Wifey told me and she is never wrong.

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