Tuesday, August 14, 2012

They Laughed at Galileo.............He Was Also Right

I have welded the outside tabs on the swing arm to prevent the twisting of the bearings, as described in an earlier post. A few coats of paint and she's back on the bike. This is the third swing arm, with one modification. Version 3.1. I have also removed the Grip Ace and replaced it with the original style switches. Of course, there was some rewiring to do. I had to cut apart the harness that I made a few months ago, pull all new wires through the bars, redo a number of connections, abandon a few circuits and so on. I hope to have it all buttoned up tomorrow. Wiring tends to confuse me, so I have to really focus my thoughts while trying to figure out what goes where. As an aside, I thought the issue that I had with the bearings twisting might have something to do with the tendency, to eat up swing arm bushings, that the BH has. There is only one mounting ear on the stock arm, on the outside. Under hard acceleration, uneven pressure is exerted on the bushing, trying to twist it in the frame. I posted my thoughts on the V8 website and the response was underwhelming, to say the least. The Philistines, there, would rather discuss light bulbs, magnets to trip red light sensors, oil and car tires than real mechanical issues that seem to plague their bikes. No problem. I will continue to improve my bike to my standards, whatever they may be.

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