Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trying To Come To Grips

I posted, earlier, about the Grip Ace system that I installed on my bike. My initial enthusiasm has waned, somewhat. I had a problem with the keypad, so I returned it to them. They repaired it and sent it back in a timely fashion. Now, it has failed again. I have considered returning it to them, and I may, to be fixed again. I will, however, not be putting it back on the bike. As my focus was always to simplify things, this adds a component that seems likely to give me further problems. Secondly, the keypad has no feel to it. The buttons are difficult to find and identify by touch and are impossible to use with gloves. So, wiser and poorer, I will relegate the Grip Ace to the Big Box O' Prototypes to rest, along side of sprockets, chains, a swing arm, several shifters and numerous bell cranks and widgets.

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