Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"I sense failure is rapidly approching." The Brain

Well, thing are moving along again. The trans is in for the last time (knock on wood) the Curtis box is in for the next to the last time and final alignments and adjustments are being made. As I feared, there is a clearance issue with the swing arm crossmember and the chains. I was expecting to, possibly, have to notch it out a bit. Yeah, right. It will require a bit more than that. I had to cut the crossmember nearly in half and will reconfigure it to pass under the chains. It's a little bit of a setback rather than a failure, but no real biggee. I should have it re done by Saturday if I'm not preoccupied with other stuff. I have to take wifey out for din din and a show. It's anniversary time again. 39 years!!!! It was cheaper to keep her, as they say. No alimony, no child support and, oh yeah, made the last house payment last week Woo Hoo!

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