Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ranger III Transmission Conversion

This blog will follow my adventure into converting my 1998 Boss Hoss 350 motorcycle from the current one speed Nesco automatic tranny to a two speed, manual shift Ranger tranny. I will also, from time to time, interject some of my loves, hates, substandard observations and paranoid delusions.

Who is this boob, you may be asking. I have a partial bio listed already, but here's a bit more for those who care. I 'm a SoCal native, baby boomer, gearhead. I've been up on two wheels for 44 years, starting with Cushmans, Whizzers and the like. The BH is the culmination, the "Big O", 385 horse dose of Viagra. I have several welding certifications, a 1000 sq/ft home shop, a lathe and a mill and a fair degree of fabricating skill. I should be able to knock it out in a day or two....in dog years.

The Ranger was originally a two speed under or overdrive unit for trucks. It has been redesigned by Bill Alexander and fitted with an all new, custom, gearset. It has a 2 to 1 first gear, a direct 1 to 1 in high and a true neutral. It is bullet proof, all synchro and of the highest quality, built right here in The Peoples Republik of Kalifonia. It's like totally bitchen, Dudes.

Here is a shot of the victim bike, soon to come under the torch and my BFH (big f'n hammer). I hope to begin the transformation after the first of the year (2008), when things slow down a bit. I will also be addressing the swing arm bushings and replacing them with sealed bearings. There will also be a built in pump with miniature lines going to all major components that will inject a continuous flow of dielectric grease.

This will be a true, back yard, modification. I'm a tradesman, working for wages so I will not be able to go scoop a few shovels full out of the money bin.

So stay tuned boys and girls and watch as Ol' Uncle Carl cuts, welds, curses, bleeds and give tools and parts flying lessons. If it comes out as expected, great. If there are any screwups or failures, you'll see them as well.

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Milos said...

Kool dude! I will be reading your progress.